Monday, 19 December 2011

hari ini dalah kenangan

Salam wbt..

kisah yang berlaku pada hari adalah kenangan..

insyaallah kenangan yang terindah dalam hidup ini..

kerana Allah hadiahkan kenangan ini agar diriku menjadi insan yang lebih baik pada setiap berlalunya hari hari...

Me: hi.gud morning are you today?..(smile)

Patient : hii..gud morning..(smiling) ok..fine..

Me: Good!! Very good..and you look well too..ermm..uncle, i am 4th year medical student of Uitm, if you don’t mind, i would like to ask about the problems you have for this admission..

Patient: oo..yess2..sure2..can! Have a sit pliss.. =)

Me: so you are mr. NKP rite? From where?
patient: yes! From rawang.

Me: so have you been married? And if so, how many children you have?

Patient: yes, married already with 2 children

Me: then you have been admitted yesterday? Is it? For what reason?

Patient : ermm..i have chest pain yesterday. Actually i am having this chest pain for about 3 months. But yesterday was my the worst chest pain i have. At that time, i just sit, relax..yea because its still morning.then, suddenly i have that pain. It was centrally located and heavy in nature. I was sent to the hospital around 11 am.then, they gave me a medication that was put under tongue..and then pain slowly resolved.

Me: oh i that pain is just centrally located?is it? So it is not spread anywhere??what worsen the pain ?and what relieves it?

Patient: yes..the pain is no where else.erm..i dont know what aggravates it..i just rest to make it less and then i went to the hospital.

Me: do you have any sweating? Feels like vomiting?is the pain spread to your arms and jaw?

Patient :,nothing happened to my hand and jaw. Why? What does it mean if i have those?

Me: ermm..from what i have learnt, if patient has chest pain, needs to know either the pain is spread to some where else.if you feel something wrong to your arm or jaw even back. This presentation is typical to those who have heart attack. The other reason i ask do you have sweating or feel like vomiting and shortness of breath is just same. The presentation can be accompanied by these problem too.

Patient: ohh..i see..i see..then, what medication they give me that they put under the tongue?

Me: ohh..that one is what we call.GTN.

Patient: what is it?
me: GTN is just the short form of it..unfortunately i forget the long is a vasodilator that can increase the blood flow the the ischemic area.
patient: haa?? You don’t know what it is?? I wanna buy it.
me: no lahh uncle..i know that medication, but i forget the long name..hehe
patient: you cannot forget it..ok?? you have to remember..=)
me: =) then, ask la the doctors that will come to you after this. Just for confirmation. Never mind uncle, i will go home and find out the name.heh3...=)

~The end~

Ini adalah sebahagian dari kisah yang berlaku pada hari ini. Alhamdulillah, dipertemukan dengan pesakit yang mengingatkan aku.go back to the basic. How can a doctor forget a simple thing? Tak bolehla macam tu..=)my mistake!

But 1 thing yang aku belajar dengannya hari ini ialah be nice to everyone...the way i approach him..and the way he accept my me..that one, should follow lahhh..

Apa apapun to uncle itu sebab sangat peramah. Sangat baik melayan karenah anak muda insyaalah doktor in future..aminn!!

Dan kemudiannya.. a house officer approaches me to help her takes a fewpatients’ blood. Since she was very buzy at that time.

Dan seorang daripadanya adalah pakcik berkenaan..

Me: uncle, sorry for disturbing you..i just want to take your blood for a while.may i?

Uncle: sure!!

Blood taking process done..but? berkerut kerut uncle tahan sakit..huhu.

To uncle:

Maafkan sy ye!! Tak sengaja buat uncle sakit.mungkin sekejap saje sakit itu..esok sy datang lagi jenguk uncle ..nak tengok lebam atau tidak..!!
dan nak cek jantung dan paru paru uncle jugak esok..


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  1. semoga dapat menjadi dr muslimah yang berjaya insyaallah~=)