Tuesday, 29 March 2011

what to do?

Salam wbt.. Alhamdulillah..masih berada dalam iman dan islam..masih bernafas..juga bertatih dalam kematangan usia..masih berusaha mengumpul kudrat dan daya semangat yang agak blur dua menjak ini..oh allah..Yang sentiasa dekat dengan kami..Ya Allah..kami lemah..kami mohon kekuatan..untuk terus bertahan. minggu kedua. paeds posting. lemah. speechless. ase bodoh. sangat. sejak 2 3 menjak ni, ase down merajai.knp ye? entahlah..mungkin kerana kerana we are not perfoming well. sapekah we? uitm student... sejak 2 3 menjak ni, terdengar di hujung hujung telinga yang graduan uitm esp in regard of medical profession, perform badly during housementship.until they have to extend the postings as well.cuak tak??? erm..we are bad in front of masyarakat..in front of doctors..we are bad... lemah tak rase?? lemah. kenapa? timbul lagi kenapa dekan nak ambik ramai student?? what he thinks of? which one better...quality or quantity? teringat pesan kakak usrah " yes, we learn medicine..until we do not have time to learn ilmu laen2"...beliau teruskan..no!! we are learning ilmu Allah..even its medicine.itu ilmu allah.jangan cakaop kita hanya kejar ilmu dunia. what we have to do is do the best.!! ye..do the best.do it with heart, Ya Allah, bantulah kami.. di saat terasa kerdilnya kami, di saat kami merasakan kami betul betul di bawah.. berilah kami ketengan jiwa dan fikiran agar kami dapat mempertimbangkan ia dengan kewarasan akal yang terbaik.. wassalam.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Paeds posting

Salam wbt..

i dont know why.it seems like everyday worries come together. creeps all over my mind. do not know why it's seems harder to get courage to stand up. i don't know why i have changed. towards the deep meaning of lazy and tired.
its totally different..its the fifth posting now on. the posting of neonates, infants, young children, older children and adolescent..
its first week..week whenever i fall asleep earlier than usual..less effort for success..
hope its only this week.
its week of getting well with them..to get knowing with them..to be expert of examining them..EFFORT MORE,TALK LESS.

they are suffering..even they are very small to go through it..O Allah..make them strong, make their guardians well to hold on until the moment of wellness come to them.insyaallah..

O Allah..make me strong too.make the path easier for me to go on..never let the courage to deam off.

we gonna sit the final exam after this posting..pray for us~~~

A good friend

Salam wbt..
a very good friend to have ever.....

dear friend, im not really good in writting..nor in making special poems..but i do really appreciate you as my friend..All this while, we have been almost 4 years insyaallah knowing each other.maybe i know u better than urself.
i still remember..at first we met i haven't talk much with u..same as u. but now, it looks like a magic when we get along very well.
today..is ur birthday. a very special day
" we all have grown up..cheers urself up..don't be sad"
" As we have grown up, there is less things to laugh about"
" wish u..selamat panjang umur, murah rezeki,berjaya dunia akhirat, be friend forever..semoga berjaya!!"
I wish u happy birthday and may Allah bless you
to my dearest friend ....Sakinah Mazlan...live well & perform well......