Saturday, 17 April 2010

why love

salam wbt..

Tell me what I shouldn't do,
Forgive me for what I had,
Cuz I never meant to do anything,
Which can make you feel sad.

All your pain dear, I wished I could see,
But I was too busy, just thinking of me...

I'm sorry for what I shouldn't have done,
Extremely sorry for everything I had,
Now please tell me what I should do,
To make you feel better, shed off your sad.

Trust me, for every word I say is true,
Just tell me and I'll do whatever I have to....
Let me make it clear now,

I don't care even if I have to die,
But just because of me,
I'll never make you wanna cry.

Tell me what I shouldn't do,
Please forgive me for what I had,
Don't wanna hurt you again,
Just let me know if I'm too bad.

But forgive me please, don't be sad, don't be mad.

so quiet.. only to lovers it is a delight..mix their feelings..and all the feelings remain..tq.


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