Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hidden pain

seriously.feel priceless?a little bit maybe.lost credibility in the midway of journey.mix up with something that is uneventful?maybe.. bermonolog dalaman lagi.lagi.lagi.dan lagi.non stop.tears come out.comfort me at this moment. again..hurting someone,is not best. keep in silence is best? much more better i think. wanna be alone. in my room with my old blanket cover me up under this bed.. with the dusty boxes.seriously,wanna be alone.alone.silence.trial.happiness is far.stress.obese. gurauan berakhir dengan kecil hati.better to be silent.thus, no more pain inside. Allahuakbar!! maafkan aku jika telah membuatkan hatimu terluka.maafkan teman. takbest.takbest.takbest. stopcrying. plis. when im tired, i close my eyes. ~

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