Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Paeds posting

Salam wbt..

i dont know seems like everyday worries come together. creeps all over my mind. do not know why it's seems harder to get courage to stand up. i don't know why i have changed. towards the deep meaning of lazy and tired.
its totally different..its the fifth posting now on. the posting of neonates, infants, young children, older children and adolescent..
its first week..week whenever i fall asleep earlier than usual..less effort for success..
hope its only this week.
its week of getting well with get knowing with be expert of examining them..EFFORT MORE,TALK LESS.

they are suffering..even they are very small to go through it..O Allah..make them strong, make their guardians well to hold on until the moment of wellness come to them.insyaallah..

O Allah..make me strong too.make the path easier for me to go on..never let the courage to deam off.

we gonna sit the final exam after this posting..pray for us~~~

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