Saturday, 26 February 2011

this weekend

salam wbt..
today is sunday..and the day before it, saturday.. It is holiday to spend with?? i usually spend weekend by calling mum at kampong. but i do not call her yet....worst daughter=me..=(
im not feeling well today..not exactly today but yesterday..having sore throat at sudden really spoiling me..sore throat deletes my mood..i miss mum so much..but being weak like now, is touching..tears coming out finally!!
I glance at the clock routinely- it should be something that i must do around this time= study. i have lots of thing to be done..but losing mood makes me far from books!!! and supposely i have to do the seminar slides a.s.a.p.. This morning, i did subuh prayer at 6.35 am..not bad. i planned to call mum around 8 am.unfortunately i overslept up to 11.06am..why??..Im really tired. something wrong some where??
This afternoon is the hardest part for me to wake up..i take obstetrics by 10 teachers to read, with blanket on..again i fall asleep.. this weekend i do nothing beneficial to others even myself. A few minutes later, i choose to wake up and go to ami's room..again i lay down on syaysa's bed. i take ami's oxford handbook of clinical medicine, read a few sentences of thyrotoxicosis and hypothyroidism..and full stop! no mood...=(
i take ami's hp..write "kinah...kami lapar..tolong3"..hee=) and send to energy to speak. no energy to reply the messages received... what happen to me?? i dont know. i sigh "Ya Allah..not this weekend"..
It 's just happened.. i should stop now.

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